Fall Fundraiser

The 21-22 Fall Fundraiser will again be a direct donation fundraiser. Our goal for the year will be $10,000.

Look for information at the end of August!

The Fall Fundraiser has been a huge success in years past thanks to the kind support of our families. We don't ask your child to sell something or ask you to buy something you may not even want, only to earn a small percent of sales. A direct donation fundraiser allows 100%* of donations to benefit our school!

*for cash and check donations - There is a small processing fee for donations through PayPal.

Remember to check for employer match programs (such as at Caterpillar and Subaru)!

Passive Fundraisers

Pay-less (Kroger) Community Rewards

Link your Pay-less Plus Card to Burnett Creek Elementary PTO or KC550

Box Tops

Help us earn by using the app and sending in clips! Email digital receipts to

Bottle Filler Sponsors

Great News!!!!!! PTO applied for and were selected as a SIA Foundation Grant recipient!

The grant, for $3,000.00, will fully fund our Bottle Filler Project!

THANK YOU, SIA Foundation!

Bobcat Bolt and Family Fun Night

The Bobcat Bolt 2020 had to be cancelled due to Covid19. Thank you to all of you who put in hard work to begin planning this event. Thank you to our sponsors as well!

The Bobcat Bolt 2021 will not be held this year due to Covid 19. We are hopeful we will be able to have a small event before the end of the year, but this event is too large to be able to happen safely and requires too much planning ahead to begin planning.

Other Events

During the school year, we normally would hold many smaller events. Some are designed to be just for fun! Others are organized to be fundraisers! Please check out our events page for information about upcoming and recent events.

***Due to Covid19 restrictions on events, guests, and volunteers at our school, we will not be holding any events until it is safe for us to do so. Thank you!***